A Look Back at The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk in New York City – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Dog King 4 months ago

    Police have arrest quotas. And who do you think they’ll target to fill quotas and build arrest records? The Black community.

    Look up all the videos of cops planting evidence, the majority of the victims are black. And look up videos of cops taking money from Black men during stop and frisk, literally robbing under the guise of a stop and frisk seizure.

  • richard micheals 4 months ago

    Damn just damn😔😶😶

  • Sandy Smith 4 months ago

    I was asked by a court one morning if I wanted to file a complaint against the officer who abused his power towards me.
    I said, ” why should I, all you cops are corrupt anyways!” Nothing going to happen to him.

  • Trent Gray 4 months ago

    From a person who grew up in
    Englewood, chicago. Brother.. Well said. How better can you explain that.

  • Chernor bah 4 months ago

    Thanks Trevor

  • Caroli Brad 4 months ago

    This was so powerful, l had to watch it three times.

  • Crazy Chick Vlogs or Whatever 4 months ago


  • carlos andres orellana cruz 4 months ago

    We hasn’t Trevor done new videos?

  • Tomi Ylikangas 4 months ago


  • superymario west 4 months ago

    The police involved in George Floyd’s murder were fired/dishonorably discharged, the officer who did the deed was charged with murder and sent to prison for life.
    That case is closed but the riots are most definitely a culmination of many things, including this reposted video.
    The frustrations and unfairness added up and that case pushed everyone over the limit, the politicians have made these mistakes. The politicians are responsible for this.

  • Vtg gas_295 4 months ago

    You’re definitely right trevor💯%.

    I hope this protest meant something, when we look at past nothing have change, but now the protest is in everywhere in the world, so I hope it will do something.


  • BjoyRoth Band 4 months ago

    Don’t you think the problems are same with the “Muslims” at some points? Isn’t it the way the media is treating bad about Muslims?

  • Tiger McCann 4 months ago

    So very well said, Trevor. You speak so eloquently and get your point across incredibly well. Always enjoy hearing from you.

  • William Crandell 4 months ago

    I don’t know about Mike Bloomberg so I am not with him … i am with you Trevor

    there very different view points that don’t see the truth of the other side, I agree

  • jerome osman 4 months ago

    the part about rich community treatmeant and not rich white communities but the “rich mixed communities” the respect for people of colour is extremely different i know cause I’ve seen it been used multiple times to put some respect on a black name, they know they can catch that law suite and things are able to be escalated to their superiors and get them fired much quicker than the normal black person thats never had a taste of that white privilege link to powerful figure(fam lawyers, known gov officials, higher ups in law enforcement agencies, celebrities, ect ) Remember that saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know?”

  • Dahn 4 months ago

    Trevor is nothing short of awesome.
    He explains things so that everyone knows exactly what he is talking about.

  • 124Eline 4 months ago

    I’m not american and didn’t know this policy. I looked it up, but the site was a bit unclear. Does this policy mean they can just stop anyone and frisk them? Even though they aren’t doing anything wrong/illegal. Because that seems very illegal to me..

  • ahmed mobarak 4 months ago

    Every person in this earth can understand what Mr. Trevor Noah is talking about, except white people… because they want what they think is theirs. Which is ownership of a human being..

  • James Hughes 4 months ago

    I am supremely happy that Trevor took over for Jon. I can’t imagine a better, more relevant host.

  • Richie Rich 4 months ago

    But look at all the money your cops, lawyers, judges and private prisons can make by feeding your master’s beast system! Listen to your 1% owners, in their own words… youtube.com/watch?v=Cy87kzKxkP8


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