A Late Show Exclusive: Joe Biden Isn’t A Trojan Horse For Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Published on August 27, 2020

Speaker Nancy Pelosi waves away conspiracy theories about the Democratic nominee and warns that the GOP underestimates Joe Biden at their own peril. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #NancyPelosi

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  • TWSTF 8 8 months ago

    Being underestimated isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

  • Richard Green 8 months ago

    I didn’t expect him to ask her…and he didn’t. But I wanted to hear why she just supported a Dem primary candidate AGAINST a Dem incumbent when in the past she and the DNC said such moves would get you blacklisted!!

    AOC called her out on that…obviously bcuz Pelosi doesn’t actually CARE if you are an incumbent or not…just that you are not a progressive (who are FOR The People…but who she hates and fears)!

    Disappointed that Stephen didn’t call her out on that as well. Brother Stephen you CAN’T be a “safe space” for politicians you favor. That would make you no better than Fox News! HOLD their feet to the fire! ALL of them! That’s the ONLY way they’ll ever actually be accountable to The People!

  • Thomas Rogers 8 months ago

    I just need to know one thing about Joe Biden. Will he say he’s doing a good job? I don’t care if he does a good job. It just makes my day easier; I don’t have to make that judgement myself. Can Biden tell me how I’m doing as well? If he can tell me I’m doing a good job, I can just sleep in and quit my job.

  • Eric Johnson 8 months ago

    Вчера я ходил в парк и хорошо провел время i am a russian bot lol

  • Eric Haws 8 months ago

    What was that song that Jon played to introduce Nancy Pelosi? It sounds so familiar

  • Ian Sear 8 months ago


  • stunner1 stunner1 8 months ago

    Lol prayers aren’t gonna do anything right now.

  • Sander Hoefsloot 8 months ago

    <3 John. Wishing the best for your family man!

  • Aman Panda 8 months ago

    I just wanna say in developing countries including another democracy. People are now justifying their heinous acts by pointing to US.

  • Mieke Bruin 8 months ago

    The republicans are predators, wolves in sheep clothes

  • Beatlesfanish 8 months ago

    Love you Jon. I wish you, your family and everybody else effected the best of luck in these trying times.
    <3 from Austria

  • Jeremiah Bachmann 8 months ago

    Let’s see if he throws her all softballs or if he makes her answer for why the GOP is allowed to ruin the country.

  • Nathan Dale 8 months ago

    Sadly, I think Trump will beat Biden

  • jessica straub 8 months ago

    I L♥️ve Jon Batiste!!!!!OK Im crying, even more that Trump ruined my Disney vacation, with this STUPID pandemic that was preventable,but knowing he was there….heartbroken 💔
    Also,I love Nancy,why can’t SHE be President? She Believes in our constitution.

  • Real Tijuana 8 months ago

    Colbert’s antidote for RNC lies is … DNC lies?! No, thanks. This is a creepy way to normalize corporate politics. It’s time to vote out Pelosi along with the rest of all that rot.

  • IeatyellowSNO 8 months ago

    Nancy only cares about the rich ones. She’s not progressive and it’s time for her to go.

  • 4 Raven 8 months ago

    The two of them will share a room at the multi million dollar old age home.

  • Charlotte Goff 8 months ago

    We can see right through you you want to to cheat it’s clear all we have to do is listen to you go live in china if you don’t like American ways any more it’s called freedom omg you are a trader Nancy and Don’t even mention our children again you sold us out hope you go to jail

  • pammens miss 8 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi

    “Beautiful Diversity ….”

    a small minority within the 15% of
    The USA population which
    cause of the
    arson attacks !
    looting and stealing !
    thuggery, vandalism and violence…..

    defacing/removing of

    The Democrats AGENDA
    to DESTROY !
    their “Cancel Culture” Policies !

    DEFUND The Police Service ! Joe Biden

    DESTRUCTION of Civil Society !

    ….in many areas across The USA

    to “stir up”

    Envy !
    Jealousy !
    HATRED !


    FOR Votes FOR Joe Biden !

  • Harjinder Mann 8 months ago

    4 years of Trump has turned USA into a war and death zone. Picture what it would be like in another 4 years!! Scary if he wins.


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