A Hostless Oscars Night & Donald Trump Jr.’s Christmas Anecdote | The Daily Show

Published on December 17, 2018

The Oscars may go without a host, a man picks a fight with the Holland Tunnel, Theresa May’s Brexit nightmare worsens, and Donald Trump Jr. reveals his father is a regifter.



  • Hermela Afewerki 1 year ago

    Play some vine there.

  • Michael Vnuk 1 year ago

    From a step ladder

  • morelle lewis 1 year ago

    5:29 and repeat, you’ll thank me later

  • BigLove101 1 year ago

    I love comedians! Kevin Hart should host the Oscars and say his best gay and lesbian jokes(no hate intended). Hollywood has shown me gay and lesbian, I didn’t ask to see it or to know about it and now they expect me not to talk about it. lol

  • motherly father 1 year ago

    Seriously, things are getting too PC these days.

  • Drishti shetty 1 year ago

    Do you have offensive tweets Trevor ?????

  • Nobody Interesting 1 year ago

    Hey I could host the Oscars I don’t have Twitter so that problem is out of the way.

  • TsukiNaito1 1 year ago

    May’s situation just makes me think of the general life of a woman. David Cameron fucked all the shit up, then when it was going to be to hard, he dumps it all on a woman. May does her damnedest to make it work, a bunch of old gross men complain about her work, then tell her to leave when she’s done doing what they don’t want to do.

  • VALMER LYNN 1 year ago

    Stormy saide its tiny to……thats so fucked up, but that explains everything about trump…..yeah melania and trump are swingers, i was with melania the night trump lied and told melania he was working late at in at trump towers, he had sex with her after me and said, your so loose…….it was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. 😉👍

  • bchlovr 1 year ago

    The Oscars are nothing but a bunch of narcissistic jerks patting themselves on the back. It’s got nothing to do with talent.

  • Dakwan Scruggs 1 year ago

    Yo that tunnel guy is HELLA right and totally needs to work for the city lol

  • Just Watching 1 year ago

    get the guy from jimmy kimmel

  • Ex0NO 1 year ago

    Ricky Gervais

  • Joseph Frantz 1 year ago

    That last joke was savage lol

  • Shelley Ross 1 year ago

    I mean this in the most non threatening and stalkerless way possible so please don’t freak out but..

    I love you Trevor Noah!

  • Creative Life 1 year ago

    I live nowhere near the tri-state area so I don’t have a dog in this fight (yeah, I said it!!) but I am totally in agreement with the mad at tunnel guy. Lol!!

  • LaLa H 1 year ago

    DidIdodat? LoL!

  • Glenn Welsh 1 year ago

    We’re reaching that point where no one wants to be in the spotlight because someone will dig up the slightest bit of dirt on them online and use it against them. And the thing is, everyone’s got dirt. Everyone has said or done something at some point in their lives that was thoughtless, wrong, ill-advised, or just flat-out stupid. No one is 100% squeaky clean. And it doesn’t matter how long ago it happened or if they’ve changed or grown since then. The internet makes it all the easier to dig that stuff up and weaponize it. As dirty as we all are, we’re all also paparazzi with cameras in our pockets, just waiting for the next high-profile person to come along whose faults and flaws we can exploit for attention, “Likes”, and clicks. While it is a means of the general public to police each other’s behavior in ways authority figures normally can’t, it’s causing us to live in a society of fear and paranoia where mistakes live forever and cannot be forgiven.


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