A Fiery Gender Reveal Party, Ohio’s Bitcoin Gambit & Racist Charity Volunteers | The Daily Show

Published on November 30, 2018

A gender reveal party sparks a wildfire, Ohio allows businesses to pay their taxes with Bitcoin, and Salvation Army bell ringers attract attention for their racist attire.



  • kedewa mangi 1 year ago

    Drive by shooting gender reveal!!!???????

  • dashaun Stewart 1 year ago

    Damn 8 million dollars well I will be fucked up for life.

    Finally people are using bitcoin. I can use it now however, I need to find my account.

    Oh hell no it is time to burn those patches. Yeah some people can… well I leave it up to your imagination.

  • MentalBreak Gaming 1 year ago

    Everybody is so focused on Hitler being “Evil Incarnate” they dont realize he invented the blow up doll…

  • TheNews1990 1 year ago

    Trevor… You don’t hide your money. You hide your dark website data, and activity. That’s why it’s so popular with pedophiles because they can hide their child porn.

  • abadatha 1 year ago

    As an Ohioan, wow that’s dumb as shit.

  • Max Maker 1 year ago

    8 million dollars in debt and having a baby. Congratulations.

  • dandivine 1 year ago

    That gender reveal is such a stupid thing, it wasn’t an accident . Ego on some people.

  • Drastic 1 year ago

    Mark my words one day that boy will grow up to be a pyromaniac and terrorise the entire works by burning down all major cities in the world……. He will also become president. Trust me I’m from the future.

  • R3I 1 year ago

    We should leave behind this us vs them mentality and see people as individuals with different backgrounds. They aren’t all necessarily horrible people like they are often painted as. Can we at least push our differences aside for these things that are for the common good. For men should be judged by their actions, while they are good there’s no reason to drive the divide further.

  • live stream zombies 1 year ago

    gender is not complicated. male or female. get over it

  • Robert Deelen 1 year ago

    ye know what the bad part about his nazi comparison is? people actually say that… “it wasnt all bad, he build a lot of highways (“Autobahnen”) and did a lot of the families!” … yeah, he also started a war and a genocide…

  • Definitely a George Soros funded bot 1 year ago

    I guess they identify as a homemade IED

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    To all of this I give a resounding WOW!

  • Angry Kittens 1 year ago

    The funny thing is that I have a feeling people who wear “Aryan” patches don’t realize Aryan (or more correctly “Indo-Aryan”) actually applies to Iranians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, and Sri Lankans. Not Europeans.

  • Courage Karnga 1 year ago

    Gender wouldn’t be complicated if humans didn’t make it so.

  • vanessa melo 1 year ago

    And what about our health? The pollution? The planet? How far will these morons go?!?!

  • True Black Knight 1 year ago

    Trevor young person Nations beyond point it is so funny it don’t matter what natural now that you try and sound like you can pull it off perfectly I daresay your personations maybe even better than Dave Chappelle ?

  • Candice Hickerson 1 year ago

    Your baby’s gender isn’t defined by the genitalia that you see on the ultrasound.

  • vmah0111 1 year ago

    I find it hard to feel sympathy for this man. I feel like if this fire hadn’t gone out of hand the next part of this video would be “like, share and subscribe”.

  • Thomas Smith 1 year ago

    Sorry, you are not the only person on Earth to have a kid. Come to Texas. Some people here have 8 or 9…


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