A Fan Introduces Conan To Her Harris’s Hawk | Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan

Published on October 25, 2022

Conan, Sona, and Matt react to seeing a falconer’s bird eat a quail’s neck. Hear more from this episode @ https://listen.teamcoco.com/harrisshawk

Over the past few years, Conan O’Brien has searched for friends far and wide across the star studded world of celebrities – and now, Conan is taking that same search to the people he loves most: His fans! Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan is the newest addition to the Team Coco podcast universe, featuring Conan, Sona, and Matt taking questions directly from fans each week. No topic is off limits, as Conan dives deep each week with different listeners from across the country, and the world. Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan drops Thursdays. Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • deezyproductionz 3 months ago

    How is she with Bird Law?

  • Rossta 888 3 months ago

    I live in upstate NY and the amount of Red Tailed Hawks we have is awesome. I drive for a living and I always spot them along the highways up in the trees perched looking for rodents. The idea of a highway with its cleared medians and sides is too good a hunting ground for them to pass up. SO many get hit by tractor trailers when they dive for food though, so its bittersweet. Its like an obstacle course for them to clear every time they swoop for food. I love seeing them on the tree branches peering out into the open grass along the highways. Always wanted to work with them somehow, maybe in another life.

  • Dustin Merck 3 months ago

    Well I just learned another type of woman I’m in to.

  • IAmNotHerbert 3 months ago

    Omg I can’t believe you’re shying away from showing the hawk eat. Welcome to sucking.. your podcast has officially achieved being something that sucks. Today. With this video. I’m so angry at you.

    Thumbs down!

  • Karma Outlaw 3 months ago

    Must confess, this was way more compelling and badass than most celebrities visiting the show.

  • Millsy CDXX 3 months ago

    The fact i heard “Incells” made my day.

  • Kelly Gervais 3 months ago

    I love hoe matt does a quote from Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, lmao… 👍

  • Ricardo Delgado 3 months ago

    😂 Gourley with the Indiana Jones reference.

  • Riverjean Montgomery 3 months ago

    Every podcast is great!!! The chemistry between the three is magical. I was so sad when the show ended, but this has been such a rebirth!!!

  • Nic Restrepo 3 months ago

    youd think those posting these videos would also post the details of the guests. Who even is this? her name is not anywhere to be seen…..

  • Leo Degas 3 months ago

    I love how Roxanne thinks she’s a dork as a raptor is eating another bird on her forearm.

    Just the word raptor means cool.
    Basketball and fighting jets are raptors.

    She doesn’t know how cool 😎 she is.


  • Kim Hope 3 months ago

    Oh, WOW! I was hoping some footage from this episode would make it here! Roxanne is really, really cool… “it’s still a bird thing”. ❤

  • ea0529 3 months ago

    The way Sona was whispering “cool” haha. She was fangirling so hard.

  • Keith Shannon 3 months ago

    Damn that’s absolutely awesome. How cool it must be to meet & talk with such interesting people.

  • DRZEC ELECTRIC 3 months ago

    Nice Indiana Jones reference!

  • Liam Lennon 3 months ago

    The podcast was hilarious! Great to see her now, she was delightfully funny!

  • Cullin Aaron Kress 3 months ago

    I love Sona’s laugh.

  • Karanjit Khwairakpam 3 months ago

    it is gratifying finding this episode uploaded while listening to it

  • kwahhn 3 months ago

    No Brad! No! There’s a time and a place, Brad!”

  • Dreamless 3 months ago

    Was that a warning before a wild animal ate something? They put up a trigger warning at the meat section in the supermarket for those people


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