“A Dream Come True” – America Ferrera On Creating Roles For Latinx Performers On “Gentefied”

Published on November 18, 2021

America Ferrera returns to the show to talk about season two of “Gentefied,” the Netflix comedic drama she executive produces and directs. #Colbert #Gentefied #AmericaFerrera

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  • Erin W 2 years ago

    I loved the character development and authenticity in Gentefied.

  • Carlos Camarena 2 years ago

    It is mind boggling to realize how little history people know, the American continent was name after Americo
    vespucio, an Italian merchant and navigator, Columbus die not knowing that he discovered a new continent, Americo did, so the continent is name after this guy, America is for females,ayy dios mio.

  • John Browne 2 years ago

    “Latinx?” Really?

  • Sandy Frank 2 years ago

    She will always be Betty Suarez to me, whom I adore

  • sswgm 2 years ago

    She’s a kick ass leader. I’m looking forward to watching Gentefied.

  • 230968 2 years ago

    Why Colbert got nervous when she said she was not Jewish? Is her sentence antisemitic? Then Colbert had to take his political correctness (racial correctness) one step further by saying picture she received every Hanukkah must be beautiful. All fake and unnecessary. Why do people have to do silly things to please Jews?

  • Jon Wolynies 2 years ago

    America Ferrera for POTUS!!

  • jmisc 2 years ago

    Colbert Ferrera will totally win. I am sorry Kamala, if you run, Dems will lose.

  • William Jenkins 2 years ago

    A second season of Hentaified? Where can I find that?

  • Elizacoco 2 years ago

    Stephen totally missed her joke about how her 2020 baby sometimes bites. Seth Meyers is better at actually listening to the guests as they speak, and not just rolling into the next question.

  • Jameska Guargaton 2 years ago

    Has anyone else tried to have a friend-base as racially diverse as what Hollywood insists a friend-base should be? I live in a blue county and I find being optimally inclusive impossible.

  • Kmancanada 2 years ago

    Please stop using the word “Latinx”. Just like we stopped using the word “Womyn”. Neither progress anything.

  • jra 2 years ago

    gentefied is SO DAMN GOOD, i’m so happy it’s back for a second season!!! YAYYY!!! also, AMERICA FOR AMERICA. the lady is just plain brilliant. and creative. and damn funny (the menorah!)

  • Aaron Long 2 years ago

    America Ferrera. What a Goddess.

  • juanfedrums 2 years ago

    We were doing so well until “latinx”.
    I hope America (pun intended) learns soon that the Hispanic community doesn’t know/care what that means and the ones who do, hate being called that. It’s just one more label forced onto us, guess by whom… (starts with w)


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