A Devastated Stephen Colbert Sings Farewell To The Mooch

Published on August 1, 2017

Stephen sends off former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci with a new rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

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  • Annie parker 3 years ago

    Sell your business and get divorced by your 9 months pregnant wife to get a job working for Mr. Trump, then get fired 10 days later…
    *Height Of Stupidity*

  • Why you gotta go there 3 years ago

    This administration is insane, an nobody is putting the blame where it belongs. Ever since Trump won the thing that has bothered me most coming out of America is the deflection. This whole “trump only won because of Dnc, Hillary, Russia, Bernie, SJWs etc” is getting old. it seems only America can get away with having the kind of people you have.

    When ever any other country has a ‘problem’ with it’s people America will invade and destabilize the whole region(as long as no extremely important financial ties.) You have done that for decades, but when your own country is full of millions of people that think voting for and supporting a man that says “ban them and then take out their families” while they stay convinced that they are fighting for “Good old American values” than it’s always someone else to blame. No your country has an infestation problem. Deal with it or else people like Trump will keep winning.

  • BdR76 3 years ago

    Too bad they killed off this new “80s attitude” character so quickly, lots of comedy potential. Maybe he’ll make a cameo appearance in the season finale..?

  • Kasrose 8 3 years ago

    I’m more concerned about the SNL skits we will no longer get in him 🙁

  • Get Rekt 3 years ago

    Damn. In the short span of only 10 days, Anthony Scaramucci:
    – Sold his business
    – Got hired to a new job
    – Missed the birth of his son
    – Got divorced
    – Got fired from his new job

    He accomplished more in 10 days than Trump has during his entire presidency. All of this and he hadn’t even officially started… As Trump would say: #SAD

  • 223Drone 3 years ago

    Trump supporters resort to deflecting criticism to Hillary, Obama, the democrats etc. because they can’t defend Trump’s incompetence.

    Having several high ranking officials in the administration fired/resigned in the first 6 mouths of the presidency isn’t “draining the swamp” its incompetence.

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    “As Reince spent that Friday afternoon preparing to depart the White House one final time, a box that once held Staples’ finest mid-range copy paper would now provide lodging for the few belongings adorning his desk: a 5th Place trophy he’d “borrowed” from some kid after the White House Easter Egg Roll; the dearly departed housefly he was summoned to whack for the president back in March; and a book titled _Advanced Yoga Positions_ — a birthday present from Steve Bannon. Then, after taking one last look at his newly desolate office, he switched off the lights and walked past his secretary — a normally cheerful woman who could now summon but a forced smile and a scant wave goodbye. As he made his way down the long corridor, he couldn’t help but feel conflicted. On the one hand, he was escaping the conflagration that presently defined the atmosphere at the White House. On the other hand, he wondered if he was not only exiting America’s symbolic seat of power, but his career in politics as well. As he traveled closer to the door, he contemplated whether the luminous glow emanating through its windows was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel — or merely an oncoming train. Was he a long-held prisoner about to be freed, or a dead man walking? Just then, appearing from around the corner: Scaramucci. The two locked eyes, their bodies motionless. In that moment, they were rival gunslingers, about to steal the remaining days from a man 40 paces away. Then, quite unexpectedly, Scaramucci smiled and placed his hand on the shoulder of the beleaguered political soldier. “Ya know, I said some things, and, uh… I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry, Reince.” Scaramucci then extended his hand, unsure if Mr. Priebus would even _consider_ obliging him. Reince looked deep into his eyes, and for the first time he saw kindness. And contrition. So after a few uncomfortable moments, the handshake no one thought could happen, happened. Reince was able to summon a half-smile as he remarked to his now-former adversary, “No problem. Good luck to you. Be good to the country.” Scaramucci nodded, then politely opened the door before Reince proceeded over the threshold and out into the characteristically grassy-fresh air of the North Lawn. As he walked the well-trodden path — the same path he’d walked nearly every day for some six months — he closed his eyes, basking in the welcome warmth of the late-July sun. With each new step, his intense feelings of anxiety became more and more supplanted by overwhelming ebullience, surely the result of his newfound freedom. Just then, a “Hey” emanated from whence he’d just departed. He looked back to see a smiling Scaramucci, now waving goodbye. As Reince returned the friendly gesture, Scaramucci added, “Now go home and get your fuckin’ shine box!”
    — _excerpt from my (hopefully) upcoming book of political satire_

  • Grim Ariel055 3 years ago

    Aaaand another one bites the dust!

  • Sassy Potato 3 years ago

    Now if Trump said that “It’ will be handled”. We should rely on his words………
    Umm… Should we?

  • Toad Jiang 3 years ago

    *RIP The Mooch (August 15 2017 – July 31 2017)*

  • Sidd Joshi 3 years ago

    *_Dear America,_*
    _We are Laughing at you.Thank you._
    _Good Night and Good Luck._
    *_Rest of the World._*

  • Jason Blade 3 years ago

    Trump is the shit Midas: everything he touches, turns to shit.
    Case in point the Mooch:
    -before Trump: Hedge fund millionaire, married, Wall Street top dog, about to sell his firm to Chinese investors.
    -after Trump: exposed as a foul mouthed clown, about to be divorced, missed his son’s birth, humiliated by people less successful than him.
    Impeach before the trump touch spread to all the US

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    Let’s be real…
    Stephen has a pretty good singing voice

  • Mr. Plinkett 3 years ago

    My cat could do a better job than that orange fuck

  • TaYLoR GaNg OrDiE 3 years ago

    The number of letters in Scaramucci is equal to the number of days he was in the Whitehouse.

  • M Carroll 3 years ago

    I can’t believe you didn’t go with “Mooch Merch”. So disappointed.

  • who the F### u are ? 3 years ago

    omg omg 0 dislikes!!!

  • Amethyst Mavis Chan 3 years ago

    stephen should become a singer

  • audia keny 3 years ago

    Five Bucks Trump
    You’re Fired
    Who’s Left
    Voor 1/2

  • César Madero 3 years ago

    Jon Baptiste’s laugh recopilation:


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