A Black Republican Insists Donald Trump Is Great For Business

Published on September 22, 2016

With Donald Trump expanding his outreach to African-Americans, Stephen checks in with the one black Republican he could find.

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  • That Random Guy 3 years ago

    5 seconds and already 3 views lmao

  • Pairofnoobs 3 years ago

    Just fuck my shit up fam

  • EX Programmer 3 years ago

    first yeah

  • ETERAflkic / Flóki Cojocaru / McMosebyKrauses 3 years ago


  • Namida 3 years ago

    brb need to buy stock of anonymous mask, it will best seller in 2017 i bet!

  • EnclaveOfObsidian 3 years ago

    Worse than segregation and slavery?

    Trump’s love of hyperbole is one day gonna literally for-reals totes
    actually be the death of him.

  • Zachary Saint Cyr 3 years ago


  • gequitz 3 years ago

    So what Black salesman is saying is… Orange is the new Black

  • Tarun Sepuri 3 years ago

    I see trump with a Hitler mustache in the thumbnail, i open the video

  • Why you gotta go there 3 years ago

    With trump’s foundation that he uses to buy things with; with other peoples
    money, with his scam university, with his decades of bragging about getting
    favours from politicians because he gives them money, with him not paying
    people that have worked on his campaign, and so on. trump sheep supporters
    don’t have any moral ground to stand on while they bitch about Hilary being
    corrupt all day. Yet it’s all they do all day.

  • JUDE AHIN 3 years ago

    VOTE TRUMP…. Colbert no Hillary?

  • libert1ne 3 years ago

    black people always wear purple lol

  • William Bradford 3 years ago

    Ever ever ever? Seriously? YEAH they still got a crap time, but worse then
    they’ve been EVER? Do you really think a guy being supported by Breitbart
    and the KKK is going to make things better for them?

  • Free-Castle 3 years ago

    I think of this bit is more of a daily show content somehow, spontaneously

  • 1SaG 3 years ago

    Hmm.. I guess someone on the writing staff has seen “Blacks without Souls”
    .. ;)

  • Krummy 3 years ago

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that talk show hosts/celebrities take
    sides and influence our politics? I don’t care whether your pro Hillary or
    Trump, this just doesn’t seem right to me.

  • ilcool90 3 years ago

    Trump 4 president. Go suck a lemon Colbert

  • Filthy Petes Pranks 3 years ago

    comparing Trump to Hitler is downgrading how bad Hitler really was.

  • PS 3 years ago

    Yes, please continue to ignore Ben Carson, one of the most intelligent
    people (a brain surgeon) in this country. Or Anthony Brian Logan. Or the
    Stump for Trump sisters. Jennifer Carroll, David Clarke, Herman Cain.
    Goodness, the list goes on. Boy, I tell you Stephen. You really try
    veeeeery hard to ignore the skeleton’s in Hillary’s closet. Oh, that’s
    right. The same companies that use her as a slot machine are in CBS pockets
    too. Go figure.

  • abhishek rawat 3 years ago

    trump does look like Hitler whose given up on dieting…


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