“A Beautiful City. A Brutal City.” – Jon Bernthal On His Time At The Moscow Art Theater

Published on May 3, 2022

Jon Bernthal tells Stephen about his time studying the performing arts at the Moscow Art Theater, and shares his concern for friends and former classmates who remain in Russia. Stick around for more with Jon Bernthal, and catch his new series, “We Own This City,” streaming now on HBO Max. #Colbert #WeOwnThisCity #JonBernthal

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  • laalaa99stl 2 years ago

    Michael Keaton being told you gave him the COVID:
    “Have you ever coughed with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

  • Charles UFarley 2 years ago

    I just saw him in Sicario an hour ago

  • jcoptimus 2 years ago

    One batch… Two batch…

  • toobasaurus23 2 years ago

    Great actor. Glad he’s getting really good roles now.

  • Sarah Rosario 2 years ago

    What a great actor! His role choices always surprise me. Despite his star power, he doesn’t shy away from playing supporting roles and blows me away with his performances.

  • Robin Justice 2 years ago

    I seriously could never understand why any American would go to Russia. Russia has always been hostile to Americans. If you’re military or ex military, definitely never go there

  • Kev S 2 years ago

    The only thing we know is that it is partial to meat and dairy users, mostly because of the stench created by these products in the human body AND!! Flesheaters have weakened immune systems. Hospitals even without covid are full of sick flesheaters. GO VEGAN! LIVE FREE, MEAT FREE.

  • JJ Thompke 2 years ago

    Russian people are responsible for Putin just like the U.S. would be responsible for spawning a dictator!

  • jill rodriguez 2 years ago

    Sick man at baseball game after huge event. Sounds like a super spreader event.

  • B G 2 years ago

    I don’t see why I should respect the way people deal with “the various different ways people approach this” if those approaches endanger my health and the health of my family. That is NOT being nice.

  • Anthony Algorithm 2 years ago

    Ah, the conceit of the insecure. Put it back in your trousers. Therapy might help, acting apparently isn’t.

  • Kass McGann 2 years ago

    “The only thing we know about this thing is that we don’t know anything about this thing. And we’ve gotta be respectful of the various different ways that people approach it and the different fears…” Incorrect. Scientist have been studying Corona viruses for decades. That why we were able to develope a vaccine so quickly. We know A LOT about “this thing”. And we don’t have to be respectful of someone’s insistence that they don’t want to wear a mask because their bottle of essential oil will keep them safe. NO! Thanks for the misinformation spreading, you poorly-spoken knownothing. I’m certain that Stephen isn’t happy about you saying such rot on his show, especially after he caught it despite his audience masking and being vaccinated.

  • frozen Rose 2 years ago

    he seems very likeable 🙂

  • JaushuaGuy 2 years ago

    Read the quote in the title and for sure thought he was referring to Baltimore.


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