9th Rock from the Sun

Published on July 14, 2015

Stephen discusses the latest news from 4.67 billion miles away.

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  • Justin Lynn 5 years ago

    Colbert been smoking that 9th rock. 

  • oliverclothesove 5 years ago

    I’ll miss these Youtube vids when you officially start the Late Show.

  • Koala Kontrol 5 years ago

    i’d be ok if stephen hosted a science show

  • Justin Lynn 5 years ago

    Come on Neil…. You never free ball on Colbert’s watch! 

  • Garrett Palmer 5 years ago

    Comedy Central took a turn for the worst when you left :(

  • James Marshall 5 years ago

    Neily Ty

  • Tazzer88 5 years ago

    There is something really comfy about the two of them talking, laughing and
    eating Klondike bars that it just makes me happy.

  • laser14344 5 years ago

    “Because Jupiter orbits the earth…” 5:56. Neal, I am very disappointed in
    your medieval and backwards thinking.

  • Sixth Jayhawk 5 years ago

    What is it with Colbert and chickens? First his apocalypse queen was a
    chicken, and now he’s saying people haven’t seen baby chicks before… WTF?

  • fidorover 5 years ago

    Stephen would like to thank Judy Jenkins — an assistant project
    coordinator at Prudential Life Insurance Company — for loaning him her
    cubicle for this video.

  • ipdddd 5 years ago

    Wait…so what is “Sharon”? Pluto’s moon?

  • ipdddd 5 years ago

    Where is Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore right now btw? Are the shows on

  • Tim Medic 5 years ago

    Any one think Colbert will announce John Stewart as his Co-Host?

  • luttman23 5 years ago

    “This video is not available in your country”…. Unless you have a VPN,
    then it is.

  • Kevin Frushour 5 years ago

    5:55 Jupiter doesn’t orbit the Earth, Neil.

  • Jeffrey P 5 years ago

    Those klondike bars look soooo good……

  • Wily Werewolf 5 years ago

    hacking through the region lock for Ukraine was worth it

  • Tony Maguire 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing Pluto (not a planet).

  • Sovspot 5 years ago

    Our moon is bigger than Pluto, kind of pathetic for a planet. Doesn’t
    deserve to be a planet.

  • Shane Blake 5 years ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson ruined this…. Jupiter orbits Earth? Really?!?

  • Tom Ditto 5 years ago

    Pluto is a planette

  • Nesbi Maret 5 years ago


  • Manuel T Ortega 5 years ago

    giggliciousness par excellence…

  • MrHCSander 5 years ago

    Why are so many Americans so hung up on Pluto being a planet and not a
    dwarf planet? It’s a simple categorization, if you include Pluto as a
    planet we’d not have 9 planets but many more, including Ceres, Makemake,
    Eris, Sedna +. Is it because an American discovered Pluto that you feel
    like Pluto must be categorized as a planet? It doesn’t even matter, it’s
    not like the planet category is better than the dwarf planet category, it’s
    not a contest.

  • bossmonkeykj 5 years ago

    Neil is brave to eat a Klondike bar on camera. those things are messy as

  • Zonk PJ Demonio Sonriente 5 years ago


  • Brent Stewart (Terrormaster) 5 years ago

    Ya know NDT is right, it really is all about perspective. The world we live
    on determines the baseline of how we label other worlds. If we all lived on
    Jupiter, Saturn, or heck even what we call a Super Earth sized planet. Then
    all of the other planets, including Earth, would be dwarf planets. But at
    the end of the day, IMHO, Pluto is still technically a planet just like
    Earth and Jupiter – it just happens to be a different CATEGORY of planet.
    Better yet, it’s just a label we silly humans have applied to these things.

  • Josh B 5 years ago

    Let this be the first step in getting Pluto BACK on the official list of
    planets in our Solar System. 

  • Ning Liu 5 years ago

    Awesome video! I’m getting more and more excited about the new Late Show
    now. I’d be okay if the whole show was just this.

  • Casey McKinnon 5 years ago

    YES!!! Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson on Pluto. <3

  • Krisztián Iszak 5 years ago

    1. go to 12:30
    2. set the speed to 0.5
    3. witness 2 baked college mates argue science and sh*t

  • Per S 5 years ago

    Very funny. But man, I’m constantly reminded of how much we lost when Carl
    Sagan left us. At least he talked grammar good. Goodly. Pluto, you’re still
    a planet in my heart.

  • Jeri Ryan 5 years ago

    Just PERFECT. 🙂

  • Aaron Tucker (Bacon) 5 years ago

    When I was a kid I used to cut pictures of consoles and gauges from
    magazines and make my own space ship. In college, I did the same thing
    with nudie pictures.

  • Justin Lynn 5 years ago

    Never had so much fun in the YouTube comment section.

  • EddyGurge 5 years ago

    I hate to say it, but Tyson is starting to annoy me here and there.

  • Cae sar 5 years ago

    Space is a giant hoax…why wont they show a lunar eclipse from space? We
    have 2015 and no real video of the rotating earth from space? wtf?! earth
    is maybe flat – globe is crap

  • MarkSKristensen 5 years ago

    That’s like saying a 5inch dick isn’t a dick lol.

  • Chris Stone 5 years ago

    Neil Tyson is the Britney Spears of Science.

  • The Boulder 5 years ago

    Cosmos season 2, please.

  • yaseen reza 5 years ago

    Are Klondike bars any good? I live in the UK

  • movietrailertrash 5 years ago

    Great things come in small packages NEIL! ;)

  • Tom Eigelsbach 5 years ago

    *Colbert to Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Pluto even has a heart — unlike you.”*

    #geekhumor #space #astronomy 

  • Jennifer Shew 5 years ago

    I’ll always think of #Pluto as a planet. “My Very Excited Mother Just
    Served Us Nine Pizzas” doesn’t work without the P.

  • aricars6263 5 years ago

    Fuck colbert, silly ass camera clown.

  • Friends of NASA 5 years ago

    *Pluto: 9th Rock from The Sun | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert*
    [Humor Alert]: Stephen discusses the latest news about NASA’s New Horizons
    mission from 4.67 billion miles away with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    +The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    +Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan Club
    +Star Talk TV Show
    +StarTalk Radio
    +NASA New Horizons
    +Johns Hopkins University

    #NASA #Space #Pluto #Astronomy #Science #Dwarf #Planet
    #Charon #Moon #NewHorizons #Spacecraft #JPL #KuiperBelt
    #SolarSystem #MSFC #JohnHopkins #JHUAPL #APL #STEM
    #Education #PlutoFlyby #Exploration #SouthwestResearchInstitute #SwRI
    #History #NeildeGrasseTyson #IAU #Debate #InternationalAstronomicalUnion

  • okrajoe 5 years ago

    Colbert + Neil deGrasse Tyson = Perfection. What’s not to like.

  • Alan Williamson 5 years ago

    Colbert with Neil deGrasse Tyson on Pluto

  • oggyreidmore 5 years ago

    There are WAY more than 9 rocks between the sun and Pluto.

  • madestmadhatter 5 years ago

    Wait, what? Stephen is already hosting, I thought he wasn’t on ’til August.

  • BenderUnit22x 5 years ago

    Goddammit, even Pluto has a girlfriend. Forever alone.

  • Vallyrah 5 years ago

    Did he say “more bigger”?

  • Kristy Masterson 5 years ago

    “More bigger, A scientists struggle with english.” the new novel written by
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Available in stores now.

  • Mel le 5 years ago

    THIS is how science should be propagated and taught!

    I wish more celebrities / people with audiences would try to popularize
    science and educate people in a fun, relaxed and awe-inspiring way. People
    who are good at that are few and very far between.

  • Javier Arreola 5 years ago

    Did he say “Jupiter also orbits around the Earth”?

  • R Huo 5 years ago

    bring back the beard stephen!

  • jus4funtim 5 years ago

    Damn! Now I’m jonesing for a klondike bar. They better pay you guys
    something or donate something to a charity in your name.

  • Christine Karman 5 years ago

    Charon is not a girlfriend. Charon is the ferryman who takes dead souls
    over the river Styx to meet Pluto, the god of the underworld.

  • 28power68 5 years ago

    After watching this i want a Klondike bar so bad…

  • Anon Smith 5 years ago

    I knew the Earth was the center of the universe.

  • John Hill 5 years ago

    Colbert/Tyson: At 5:55: “Jupiter is also orbiting the Earth . . . ” Good
    Science there, Doctor ‘dwarf planet’!!!!

  • MegF 5 years ago

    I have to go buy some Klondike bars now.

  • Pericles 8th 5 years ago

    Did Neil just say, “Jupiter is also orbiting the EARTH??” 

  • KanadianSpaceProgram 5 years ago

    You heard it from Neil deGrasse Tyson. Jupiter orbits the Earth.

  • Mikael Murstam 5 years ago

    Hah, at 5:56 he said Jupiter is also orbiting the Earth :P…he obviously
    meant the sun.

  • Cereal Killer 5 years ago

    Why do we always assume that for life to be able to live on other planets,
    the climate would have to be “Earth-like”? *We* evolved here on earth, *we*
    need this type of climate.

    Who’s to say that life can’t form in any climate whatsoever? 

  • Matthew Reynolds 5 years ago

    The 3rd characteristic of a planet, that it has ‘cleared it’s orbit’ is so
    poorly defined that at the very least it discards Neptune as a planet (all
    those Plutoids aren’t cleared, Pluto chief of them), and depends on how
    rigorous you want to be would mean that there are no planets.

    More discussion is needed. Because ultimately, this came down to, “We
    don’t want to say that there are 200 planets.”

  • Karl Petrosky 5 years ago

    Neil, if Earth (our planet) isn’t a true planet then why even have the word
    planet? The gas giants are already called “giants,” as distinct from
    regular size planets. Making giant the new regular is like a coffee shop
    re-naming their small a “medium.” This makes no sense.

  • mustang6172 5 years ago

    People weren’t using Friendster in 2005. Myspace had taken over.

  • Brian Kehew 5 years ago

    Charon is a male in the legend. An it’s pronounced “Karon”.

  • Robert Porritt 5 years ago

    I wish we could rename it Durin, king of the dwarfs.

  • Fennec Besixdouze 5 years ago

    I really hate this Neil deGrasse Tyson guy, and I don’t understand why
    anyone likes him. Could someone explain?

    “If Neptune were a Chevy Impala what would Pluto be?” Neptune is more than
    57 times the size of Earth. Jupiter is 22 times the size of Neptune. There
    is massive size variation in planets. The argument “Pluto is so small
    compared to Neptune” makes no fucking sense.

    The term “dwarf planet”, since coined by Alan Stern, was always intended to
    denote a subtype of “planet”. The idea that a “dwarf planet” is not a type
    of planet is absurd to the highest degree, and this failure is only because
    of an accident as to how the IAU voted on a pair of resolutions.

    Science is not run by committees voting on resolutions. Scientists do
    science without any voting; it’s not a democracy. “Planet” means whatever
    scientists use it to mean, not what some fucking panel votes on. The term
    “dwarf planet” was introduced by scientists to denote a type of planet, and
    many scientists still use the term “planet” freely to discuss Pluto.
    Ignoring that because some inefficient failure of a committee couldn’t pass
    a resolution, or because you came up with a clever quip about Chevy
    Impalas, is just plain ignorant.

  • xslonk 5 years ago

    There is something just spectacular about seeing these two riff on the most
    completely mind blowing modern science as if they are best friends in a
    basement. I love these guys so much!!!!

  • King X KoK 5 years ago

    hueheu caught another Neil mistake
    Jupiter orbiting the Earth hehehe

  • Alex K. 5 years ago

    Soooooo…Charon is still a moon or really a dwarf planet as well?

  • Grant Robertson 5 years ago

    Damn, I miss Stephen. These two made my day.

  • Noel Ruppenthal 5 years ago

    If we count Dwarf Planets as “rocks from the sun” then Pluto is actually
    10th Rock from the Sun

  • Xiper StarChild 5 years ago

    Misleading title. All the Jovian planets are gas giants.

  • Ningshun Chen 5 years ago

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are not rocks — they’re gas giants.

  • Ian Hickson 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson have great chemistry.

    The thing they don't mention about the whole pluto-is-a-dwarf-planet thing is that if you categorise Pluto as a Planet then the number of planets we have in our solar system immediately goes up by 5 (not 1), according to the IAU, with dozens more already known but not yet accepted by bureaucracy, and with an estimated 10,000 more to be added as we find and categorise them (about 200 in the Kuiper belt, and the rest beyond). I don't understand why all the people who want Pluto categorised as a planet never mention Eris (heavier than Pluto and around the same diameter), or Ceres (closer to us than Jupiter), or any of the other named ones.

  • Dorkyzmusic 5 years ago

    “littler” isnt a word, Neil

  • strangetamer 5 years ago

    I agree with Tyson on this one. I think its scientifically ridiculous that
    Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are lumped into the same classification of
    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. I’m not an astronomer but its
    blatantly obvious that the balls of rocks in the inner solar system have
    vastly different stories to tell than the balls of gas in the outer solar
    system. Calling Earth a planet would be like calling a mosquito a mammal;
    scientifically ridiculous.

  • Rose E 5 years ago

    What a cute funny team they make!! Love to see Colbert as himself

  • GamePhysics 5 years ago

    Can someone explain what a klondike bar thing is?

  • 32shumble 5 years ago

    So what is the actual criteria for being a planet? Is there some arbitrary
    size limit?

  • Nahmah Reellnaim 5 years ago

    Colbert is rare

  • wonderr 5 years ago

    The glacier really looks like Pluto… I mean Mickey’s dog.

  • Jesse Bochek 5 years ago

    Wait why is there Tang on his desk.

  • pausebeforeviewtube 5 years ago


  • kbboydster 5 years ago

    Did Tyson say that Jupiter is orbiting the Earth???

  • mcgoo721 5 years ago

    why is the late show banking hard to the right?

  • E.T. 5 years ago

    *I love these two guys!*

    Steven Colbert is like the only comedian I know that talks intensely about
    topics besides politics, and hollywood.


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