45 Senate Republicans Indicate They Won’t Convict Trump

Published on January 28, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, January 27.

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  • pam karnes 10 months ago

    Republicans, our governments weakest link.

  • Dean Smith 10 months ago

    swear an oath to be impartial and 45 say not guilty ., sounds like 45 jurors need dismissing.

  • Donna Smith 10 months ago

    If they won’t hold trump accountable, let’s hold THEM accountable.

  • AIintel Intel 10 months ago

    i bet $10 trump’s sat score is higher than any republican’ senator’s sat score.
    (trump paid someone to take the sat for him)
    that makes 45 senators stand behind a cheat in the election and many other cheats that trump did in his life.

  • Loose uNit 10 months ago

    So much for home of the brave… the world is watching how despicable and dysfunctional your political system is. Never again can the US lecture other countries about democracy. I have never seen such a pack of disgusting individuals as those in the Republican Party.

  • Lex Slate 10 months ago

    1. I laughed at the shark joke.
    2. Republican senators, who have frequently and repeatedly shown themselves to be spineless fascist pricks, have not necessarily shown how they will vote in the impeachment. What they’ve shown is that they do not want to be involved in the trial. If sufficient evidence is brought forth and presented to the public that their constituents back home bully them in to doing the right thing, they may yet vote to convict. I’m not going to hold my breath, though if they do choose to vote in favour of Agent Orange, it might be useful against some of them in two years’ time.

  • Taryn Tots 10 months ago

    Groot was disappointed to lose the job to Kerry. Biden didn’t pick him because of his limited vocabulary.

  • Jay Randall 10 months ago

    Not surprising that Republicans won’t come on board with pursuing a conviction, they are too dumb to realise they’ll go down with the ship 🥸

  • Sam Lowry 10 months ago

    So 45 Senators admit they lied when they took their oaths

  • Andy G 10 months ago

    The guilty party is deemed innocent before any evidence can even be submitted to prove guilt. Welcome to the United States of Communism.

  • nancy6100 10 months ago

    Their career’s need to be over!

  • Paul Lim 10 months ago

    Can’t stop
    Won’t stop

  • James Voit 10 months ago

    I called this 2 weeks ago haha 😆

  • Adrian Ballesteros 10 months ago

    What was the Taco Bell employees name. For science

    Edit: it’s Lonna Wells.

  • Jay Clemons 10 months ago

    Seth is getting soooo good without an audience…geeezz

  • Elvira Canaveral 10 months ago

    Tree jokes of the ENTitled…

  • Michael Hernandez 10 months ago

    Those Senate seditionists are only perpetuating the lies stump coned America with. Who are they trying to con trump or you and me.

  • Biznez Buddy 10 months ago

    The respected GOP lawmakers before is now sprawling with evil minded corrupt enablers. The oath on basic principles and laws of a nation is no more. Pity are those principled republicans that’s getting drag by the party’s new norm, brought about by Psychopath TRUMP.

  • Malcolm X 10 months ago

    Of course they’re not going to convict Trump, no matter what evidence is presented. You’ll have to make do with sending shitbird Don Jr. and Rudi Giuliani to the slammer instead. While you’re at it, try to expel dirtbags that give tours to terrorists and call for their colleagues to be killed from Congress.

  • Kritikal Hit 10 months ago

    What’s up with your hair? Haha


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