25 Republican Men Ban Abortion In Alabama

Published on May 16, 2019

The men behind Alabama’s restrictive abortion bill are making it clear that they don’t fully understand how babies are made. #Colbert #Monologue #LSSC

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  • kate 11 months ago

    Alabama: denying the inevitable since 1819.

  • norma armstrong 11 months ago


  • #02588 #02588 11 months ago

    I fell like America is just bending over and taking it . you either voted for this or didn’t take the time to vote

  • TokenOtaku 11 months ago

    By this logic, masturbation should be a criminal offense.

  • Jesse Beauchamp 11 months ago

    But untill the can prove the biblically based subjective rights denial over a woman’s own body isn’t the rib of man joke, the built in blood sacrifice memstration joke, the blood of man’s sins joke, there isn’t a legal vote……

  • AM Steensberg 11 months ago

    If republican men could get pregnant……Men still don’t get it, do you??? .All women around the world must hang their heads today…. .. USA and the rigth wings in Europe make me want to stock candles, batteries and canned food… How can it keep go spiralling downwards??? ?️?️?️

  • Stray Dog 11 months ago

    this country is very delayed in terms of laws of abortion

  • EditorialJoe 11 months ago

    Yeah, it’s crazy that there are so many females in Alabama voting for these politicians. Good on Colbert to tell them they’re ‘womaning’ wrong.
    On behalf of the women in Alabama who picked the wrong politicians to please a late night talk show host, I’m sorry.

    We’re all sorry, Stephen. We’ll try to do better for you.

  • nbbim2012 11 months ago

    Love how he refers to himself as the cute 1… which he is of course

  • Yassine Alami 11 months ago

    From an outsider’s perspective, the US seems to go backward. Wasn’t it freedom that made the country so great ? pathetic :’)

  • Lex H. 11 months ago

    “Oh snap! I mean, snip!”
    Thank you Colbert for making me do a spit take on that last joke ?

  • Archimedes Woo 11 months ago

    Alabama… D’OH!

  • Progressive Humanist 11 months ago

    Forced birth theocratic extremists have no business being in power in a secular democratic republic.

  • Blackwingk 11 months ago

    Sweet Home Alabama….where some guys are plainly apathetic

  • ThE DuCk 11 months ago

    No more Viagra and penis pumps , because if God wanted your junk to work , it would work !!

  • Samrat Dutta 11 months ago

    People will go to another state and take abortion and come back.

  • Michael Scott 11 months ago

    Just when I think I lost all hope for this country, something like this comes along with a bench scraper.

  • Christy Jones 11 months ago

    Yep, my daughters abusive mentally ill ex could legally buy a gun and kill her, then himself..but if your raped, these asshats think they have a right to make you carry out a pregnancy.

  • Trevor Ho 11 months ago

    “GOP Chambliss, responding to the IVF argument from Smitherman, cites a part of the bill that says it applies to a pregnant woman. “The egg in the lab doesn’t apply. It’s not in a woman. She’s not pregnant.”  It is all about controlling women’s body, not to protect babies.


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