24 Things You Don’t Know About Joe Manchin | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 18, 2021

Bill shares a few fun “facts” about West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and discusses his importance to the party with Paul Begala.

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  • Metalbass10000 3 years ago

    A commitment to voting rights yet he is what stands in the way of hr1. He is in what stands in the way of so much that you are claiming he stands for. The gala is so full of shit has he popped his head out of his asshole to listen to Mansion speak or watch what Mansion has done hasn’t done? What difference does it make if he’s a Democrat that won in West Virginia if he is an obstacle to everything on the Democrat agenda except for the covid-19 bill which he was not in favor of voting for for quite some time? Also, what difference does it make if he’s a Democrat that won in West Virginia if all the policies that the Democrats are trying to get passed through the Senate are supported by a strong if not overwhelming majority of West Virginia residents including supported by a strong majority of Republicans in West Virginia? Joe mentioned has only shown loyalty to corporate interests and to his own bottom line paying his hotel employees last and paying less in his own personal income taxes

  • blair buck 3 years ago

    Joe Manchin is whatever his corporate puppeteers want him to be!

  • Ross Hosking 3 years ago

    Manchin is a DINO please refer to Jon Stewart embarassng tht clown.

  • Tim Herman 3 years ago

    Well I used to like Paul Begala.

  • David Piel (Oculus) 3 years ago

    End the song and dance. Just nuke the filibuster.

  • William Dal Cerro 3 years ago

    One actual fact which no one knows about Joe Manchin: He is Italian American. So is Florida governor Ron DeSantis. So is former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Question to the media: Why do you ignore a politcian’s Italian American ethnicity unless you can fit it into the accepted (and gross) media standard? (i.e., Michael Che on Saturday Night Live saying that NY governor Andrew Cuomo “looks like all three goodfellas”). The above three men are Italian American, too. What gives?
    Possible answer: Their intelligence doesn’t fit the accepted “dumb dago” Hollywood stereotype.

  • Max Mccloud 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, more people voted in the last election than at anytime in history…wtf is this bs about voting rights being in danger, and so we should end the filibuster to force a federalized voting law, which is unconstitutional? These fucking ‘experts’……

  • Dianne Forit 3 years ago

    Yep, the sensible strategy is do everything you can, and if and when that finally fails then ram things thru anyway you can.

  • Carla Barrick 3 years ago

    Me after 2 drinks and being real. Machin is a d*** s***ing Congressman without regard to how he votes unless it benefits him. A classic white rich man who doesn’t care about those he reps.

  • Mrs OBrian 3 years ago

    Manchin is a smuck, a republican fool! Why are we playing games? Change the filibuster!

  • Jeffrey Baer 3 years ago

    OK, is NOBODY ELSE going to voice their displeasure that Bill didn’t read #6 aloud? See 0:27 and read the fine print: “I have sex toys that run on coal” — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • dan holm 3 years ago

    Hes not a dem, and w vir should not be a state. been their

  • farber2 3 years ago

    He wins in West Virginia? So, if he votes republican then why dose that matter.

  • Francis Campagna 3 years ago

    Like most politicians today, he finds out which way the crowd is running, dashes to the head, and yells “follow me!”

  • Querube Kelso 3 years ago

    Manchin definitely has a “very shady something hidden” that Republicans know. Perhaps payments they have given to him and now he is being threaten by them unless he disrupts everything this administration has on its agenda. Another one that sold his dignity for money and power. Disgraceful traitor.

  • Ron Copeland 3 years ago

    I heard that he is a khan men undercover


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