24 Things You Don’t Know About Amy Coney Barrett | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 31, 2020

Bill shares a few fun “facts” about newly seated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

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  • New Message 6 months ago

    I surprised her devout Christianity beliefs allow her to be a judge, frankly. She seems more the ‘Girls should stay at home and do their man’s laundry… as God intended’ type.

  • TheKrazysexykool 6 months ago

    Amy Cristina Barcelona

  • Eric Johnson 6 months ago

    How many think a supreme court judge should know the constitution or at least the highlights. Donny working hard to delegitimize a system that worked just fine till he showed up. Now it’s the worst system ever. Colorado been voting by mail exclusively for over a decade. NO PROBLEMS. But for a us president to actively participate in the delegitimizing. That’s about as unamerican as it gets. My point with barrett. Given current events, she should have been aware of issues she would be facing. “Contested” election. Trump predicted that. Must be a side effect of hydroxy. He’s a clairvoyant. But imo barrett should have been up to date on the election process. The president CAN’T delay an election. The constitution delegated that to Congress. Barrett’s answer. She would need to ask law clerks and legal pundits. Either she doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or is corrupt. You decide. My opinion. She should have known. I’ve known that since 7th grade trip to DC for school.

  • jlivi67 6 months ago

    The Davinci Court.

  • kathy kelly 6 months ago

    When will Joe Biden answer the question on court packing? where is his empathy? his compassion for American voters?

  • You Tube 6 months ago

    How disrespectful to a highly educated woman who hasn’t done anything to you. The hatred of the Democratic party is frightening. God save this country. Trump will win again.

  • Jeremy 6 months ago

    Dang, if you were just going to make them up out of whole cloth you could have at least made them funny.

  • Dids 6 months ago

    Hard name to say??? ….. then says it 1 minute later like he’s said it 1000 times

  • Lovenaturenaturally bu 6 months ago

    The 24 sums her just fine!

  • Vishal Kurien 6 months ago

    Is this Bill Maher? His content has to be better than this🤔
    This was beneath his standard.
    But definitely he can do what he wants, his show.

  • Kaline K 6 months ago

    Bill, just remember ” nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition “.

  • PlatinumBeta Studio 6 months ago

    Damn, from this part of the show I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition…

  • Karen Thomas 6 months ago

    Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Old Skeptic 6 months ago

    …Bill, every sperm is sacred…

  • Mark_Porsche _911 6 months ago

    Mel Gibson’s dad is Australian, please remember 😂👍🏻

  • Spiritualistic 6 months ago

    Few care about Joe Biden also being catholic (and actually goes to church regularly), but this new Supreme court justice appointee is unsettling and doesnt sit well with me for some reason.
    I just hope she rules with a conscience and recognizes Trump as the fraud he is and the farthest one can get to being remotely religious.

  • The nihilist 6 months ago

    The Catholic Church is trying to take over the Supreme Court so they can legalize the big P word and then resurrect Epstein as the next Jesus Christ.

  • PirateKitty 6 months ago

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the entire Jesus Christ story wasn’t made up, so priests can walk around in their pajamas, doing nothing all day but spew nonsense childish stories, and molest boys every chance they got!

  • corryjookit 6 months ago

    Loads on here about Amy Coney Barrett, there’s a lot about it. #Trumpisamobster #Trumpisamobster #Trumpisamobster #Trumpisamobster

  • Grey Mouser 6 months ago

    25: She trials mood stabilisers


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