2020: The F**kening | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 21, 2020

Bill recaps the top stories of the week and gives a new monkier to this period of our history in his final monologue of 2020.

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It’s HBO.

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  • D.M.E. B.M.F 5 months ago

    Not funny anymore and it’s a shame.

  • LEO HAGAN 5 months ago

    You are awesome Bill…..except tan shoes with a dark suit?

  • Razz Matazz 5 months ago

    How many votes does a guy have to lose by before he comes to the realization that he lost?

  • Cosmic Charley 5 months ago

    Bill Maher…closet conservative…that’s what his therapist says…

  • steelersguy74 5 months ago

    4:52 was that a trigger warning?

  • AWARHERO 5 months ago

    5:19 Rudy is so full of shit, It’s pouring out.

  • ChinaBill Chinese 5 months ago

    To the free American people that’s reading this: You are blessed and unique, stay happy and healthy during this pandemic❤️
    I am from China,my dream is to reach 10k, I been struggling to get there!

  • Roma Erb 5 months ago

    The Pyrric Presidency or the Fuckening. Just trying to be a little more politically correct in mixed company.

  • Pierre 5 months ago

    The president also had screening of his favourite *Home Alone* in the White House

  • Don't Panic 5 months ago

    I just realized something: as long as corporations and who owns them are there to create these conspiracy chains of corruption, we’re always going to be dealing with bad actors blaming their noxious behavior on phantoms. We’re always going to be living under this mythology of the scapegoat to deflect even our own actions away from us, let alone having to entertain the notion when our political opponents do it.

    So convenient. So easy. So powerful and productive: create a corporate scapegoat no one can verify to cloud reality.

    We’re either going to have to get corporations out of politics or get them separated from production, and I really don’t see the latter happening.

    Have a great vacation, Bill. Rest, have fun, read, treat yourself; we’re gonna need you on the other side of all this when you come back.

  • Marilyn Arnold 5 months ago

    I hate that the season is ending!😪

  • Pierre 5 months ago

    That’s the only time Trump and Guiliani let the colours run. Next time their voter suppression will work better under the spotlights

  • Paul Surinamo 5 months ago

    Hooray for massive voter fraud, George Soros, and the great reset.

  • wayne delaporte 5 months ago

    great,watching you makes me crack up.

  • J Clem 5 months ago

    This wasn’t funny….at all

  • Kognitosan 5 months ago

    Ivanka/Trump Jr. 2024! # MakeIncestGreatAgain.  MIGA!

  • Kristy Chang 5 months ago

    It’s gonna be f**kening over when trump’s moving out

  • cucu banana 5 months ago

    Aiaaaa…this show is embarrassing, cant believe i used to watch this…. how the mighty have fallen.

  • Badrul V 5 months ago

    Trump was a fluke, a glimpse of the other side. The American sanity has been restored. Never again we need to chance with likes of Trump.
    There needs to thorough vetting process.
    Let’s not forget the leadership in all major parties have a big task and responsibility to serve the constitution and American people.


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