2019 v 2020: Trump’s Tax Returns, Cupcakes

Published on October 23, 2020

The world has changed dramatically in the last year and James Corden compares things from our everyday lives in 2019 vs 2020.

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  • rose191991 2 years ago

    f#ck it…dinner 😂 so true

  • Aingeal Jackson 2 years ago

    Jorgensen 2020💙💙

  • Renee Stalmer 2 years ago

    “don’t forget the olives”

  • KC Currie 2 years ago

    Sick of all the late shows political involvement. Biden Obama killary ALL garbage corrupt shit. Stick to the show and stay out of politics. It’s boring already

  • Генадий Попов 2 years ago

    МНОГОУВАЖАЕМЫЕ! Я из России, сибиряк…Позиционирую себя как : ИЗОБРЕТАТЕЛЬ!…Мое Ноу хау!, (ротор отбора мощности – конвейерного типа) позволит получать энергию с течения реки, без каких то специальных гидросооружений.Без угля, газа, нефти…круглый год -экологическая.
    Показать полностью…

  • Frida Eilersen 2 years ago

    The reason why there’s glasses under there is so you can switch between being Clark Kent and Superman

  • Gilberto Castro 2 years ago


  • Larry Miller 2 years ago

    Hay cupcake
    Taxes REALLY old news
    Trump clearly the winner of moving forward for this country
    Joe was weak in HOW to plan
    Go Trump

  • mohin pat 2 years ago

    I am just thinking what are the regular sketches/skits James can’t do during this pandemic period:

    1. Audience Q&A
    2. Live Tinder
    3. What is Your Talent?
    4. Crossroads Theater
    5. Take a Break
    6. Home Pizza Delivery
    7. Carpool Karaoke???
    8. Celeb Whole Lifetime Movies
    9. Taller or Shorter Skit
    10. Celeb Past Co-Actor Identification
    11. Filharmonic Sing Offs
    12. Audience member retrieving his cue card
    13. Animals on the Show
    14. Staff Bake Off
    15. Father/Mother and Son/Daughter quizzes
    16. Flinch
    17. Riff Offs
    18. Guest Stand Up Comedians
    19. Nuzzle Whaaaaa……..
    20. None of the Above
    21. Know Your Emojis
    22. Were You Paying Attention?

    Anything else???

  • zaya kesha 2 years ago


  • John Parisi 2 years ago

    Why are you laughing? It’s not that funny. At all!

  • leon leon 2 years ago

    We must not let Trump lie to us any more. Because he’s someone who transfers money to Chinese banks and pays taxes to China. 235 thousand people have died, and Trump has no plan to prevent that number from becoming more. Even if 10 million Americans die, Trump doesn’t care. Because he puts his own interests ahead of U.S. interests. We must not allow Trump to do more damage to us and our country.

  • Nour TheDeer 2 years ago


  • Warrior McCain 2 years ago

    Trump knew everything, but he didn’t care about the lives of Americans. 220 thousand people lost their lives. Health, education, democracy, the economy are in very bad shape. Don’t let Trump do any more damage to our country. Because he’s just a man who cares about himself. Be sure to vote for a strong and livable country.

  • Ashley Smeltzer 2 years ago

    He’s having such a hard time not laughing omg I am dying laughing!

  • Ms. Loving 2 years ago

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  • Golucky Gachas 2 years ago

    Hello James im a big fan!

  • Ty Cobb 2 years ago

    really? The other posters thought this was funny?

  • Juna Wallace 2 years ago

    eight bars without discussing the key? yikes

  • Brandon L. Beck 2 years ago

    James, you’re winning 2020!


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