$20 Bill Almost Escapes From Donald Trump’s Back Pocket

Published on September 20, 2019

Sweet glorious freedom was almost at hand for a rogue $20 bill that tried to escape from the President’s suit pants. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • Blue Beta 3 years ago

    Must have let all that casino money fall out his pockets. Lost 6 bill over 10 years. But yeah hes a great business man.

  • Tim D 3 years ago

    Oldest trick in the book. ” All I’ve got is a twenty. You want to get the tip? “.

  • Joel T. 3 years ago

    Are you telling me this moron doesn’t even have a wallet?

  • Jake Mcewen 3 years ago

    Bullshit. I doubt trump tips, Rich people don’t tend to tip at all.

  • greg prescott 3 years ago

    I bet its bribe money!

  • 56-1 3 years ago

    The Left is REALLY grasping for straws at this point. Are they seriously going after him for having a 20 dollar bill in his fucking pocket? It’s pathetic. *MAGA 2020*

  • Jonathan Hughes 3 years ago

    Money says: Love me, and no one else. People need to trust in me. . Money says: See all of the animals, who perish before their time? They need to die. That is necessary, collateral, damage. You need to earn me. People will not love you, unless you have me. Money laughs. People are really, loving me. See those people without a home, and threatened, without having a home, and whatever else? They are nothing, though they be people. People are breaking all of God’s laws, loving me. I am their god.

  • Montana fishing Fun 3 years ago

    That’s all the money he really has. Has to keep an eye on his investment.

  • Futurist1 3 years ago

    Lie for me! I have 20 bucks!

  • Sabrina Summer 3 years ago

    It’s not comforting to think about where the money in our hands has actually been. I am now very uncomfortable.

  • San Cambly 3 years ago

    Debra clinton gave me herpes

  • mclarenV12 3 years ago

    Getting pissed on costs money. Unless it’s by the media.

  • El calidoso 3 years ago

    They should check his loggage. He’s probably money laundering

  • The voice of reason 3 years ago

    Trump 2020 MAGA ?? ?

  • HamAndShortwaveRadio 3 years ago

    Us poor people put singles into strippers g-strings , Trump is rich , he can do 20’s.

  • Bb Broadus 3 years ago


  • Mark Dowse 3 years ago

    I suspect that when Donald was a younger boy, $20 in the pocket felt good.
    It may be a feeling that he has never let go………
    The multiple banktruptcies possibly don’t help.

  • Zesty 3 years ago

    Keep a dollar in your pocket / Keep a dollar in your pocket,
    Cause you’ll find in the end / *your dollar is your only friend*

  • Ilma Zuberi 3 years ago

    I’d rather not get a tip from him with money that was near his farts

  • Cappy 3 years ago

    0:43 at 0.25 speed TRUUUUUUUUUST!!!!


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