12 GOP Election Deniers Are Running For Secretaries Of State

Published on November 3, 2022

If you need another reason to vote in the midterms next week, consider the fact that a dozen Republicans who have publicly spread lies about the 2020 election are now running for Secretary of State, a position that would put them in charge of overseeing and certifying their states’ elections. #Colbert #Comedy #Election2022

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  • Jesus Reincarnated 1 year ago

    Michigan is north florida

  • Michael Coe 1 year ago

    In that phone call, with demonic possession, (scary in itself), there are manifold reasons for questioning. But the real sting in the comedy is…ah…. You can’t have an abortion.

  • scooterbaby1 1 year ago

    He was part of Jan. 6th that should disqualify anyone from running for any office.

  • Costa Hliaras 1 year ago

    The US of A is a failed state. The lack of a good education system is clearly evident when so many people believe in the lies spewed out by the crazy orange blob that was leader for 4 years. Also can the US stop telling the rest of the world about democracy when their own house is such a mess. Only the top 1 per cent live the good life. Consuming and using so much for so few people. Most Americans struggle to make ends meet in the so called greatest country in the world.

  • Mark Kasprzyk 1 year ago

    Unamerican unpatriotic loser. Funny how you don’t mention that Biden himself said trump was not illegitimate. Hillary too. Stacy Abrams even though she lost by 40k votes! Seriously! You hack

  • Luke Snyder 1 year ago

    the only solution is they must fight to the death hoghlander style. there can only be one!

  • TheJimprez 1 year ago

    Why is this legal? Why are so many idiots voting for crazy nutjobs? How is the USA still halfway functionning? Why aren’t those people in jail or some psych ward?
    WTH is WRONG with the USA??? Lies like that are a FRAUD… It’s ILLEGAL! How can candidates NOT be removed by law for LYING overtly about things that have been verified in COURTS???
    I don’t get it. You put 1/4 of all of the inmates on the planet behind bars every year… But you CAN’T deal with easy stuff like INSANE candidates that commit perjury LIVE everyday??? WTF kind of justice system do you weirdos run??? You protect corner stores from bubble gum thiefs by jailing those for years, but you let crooks steal your country??? What are you? CLOWNS?

  • Jim Bob 1 year ago

    I heard a republican neighbor of mine yesterday say “I feel so sorry for what they’re doing to that poor Depape kid, he’s Pelosi’s patsy.” So in their mind it’s perfectly fine to attack an elderly person with a hammer. He also doesn’t believe the election or that the whole Paul Pelosi incident even happened. If I could afford to move away I would. The problem is the Dems have no outstanding candidates to vote for, so prepare to lose the house in a few days. Sad state of affairs folks….the 2 party system is broken.

  • zeveroare R 1 year ago

    Kristina Karamo seems to not understand they do not have the right colour to be a republican…
    There’s an r/leopardsatemyface in their future…

  • Michnewmob 1 year ago

    My goodness…US politics is so dangerous now. Democracy huh? Thank god I am not an American

  • ProfessM 1 year ago

    Anyone that snuggles a flag is a red flag to me.

  • Soul Cleanse 1 year ago

    Increase taxes on the wealthy. Make them pay.

  • Ryan A Lopez 1 year ago

    Me either I like Elizabeth Warren you should stick around some of these idiots


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